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Address of factory two: No.90, East Xinglong road, Linqu County, Shandong Province.

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We build the United States aluminum always adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy and enterprise management principle, adhere to the three employment mechanism, namely the first all corners of the country, not to engage in nepotism; second, capable, regardless of seniority and origin; third enter and exit, not to engage in the fight against discrimination and. Actively create a talent to stand out from the atmosphere, and strive to create a learning organization and a fighting force, cohesive force team.   
We build the development and cultivation of aluminum is committed to human resources, to promote an equal, open, free and innovative enterprise culture, by providing a harmonious working environment, challenging work and competitive compensation, construct talent show stage for each employee, the employees of the human capital preservation and appreciation. Staff development with the enterprise, for the enterprise to forge a core team with vision, strong dedication and excellent professional talents.
Today, more elites have joined the excellent team of Alcoa, which makes Alcoa's vision more ambitious than ever, and its pace of progress is even more robust.
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