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Chinese ambassador to Guyana Mr. Zhang Limin visited the United States aluminum

Release Date: 2017-03-15 09:46:00 Source: Browsing Times:
         Recently, the Chinese ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Zhang Limin and his party, came to Shandong to build the United States Aluminum Co., Ltd. visits and guidance.

        Chinese ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Zhang Limin (right three), Guyana overseas Chinese America Chinese reunification Association Secretary General Mr. Wang Jun (left three), Australia Chinese Mr. Li Jitao (left), Mozambique businessman Mr. Gao Bin (right), Ceng Qiangxian jemitek Chalco chairman (right two) students
        During the visit to the exhibition hall and production workshop, Zhang made great praise for the advanced production equipment and high-grade and rich surface treatment of alcoa. Subsequently, Ambassador Zhang listened carefully to Mr. Ceng Qiang, chairman of Shandong Jianmei Aluminum Co. Ltd. on 2017 development of the company's current report and the next phase of development planning, operating status and development prospects of building aluminum affirmed.


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